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9th November 2017

Raúl Arévalo one of the stars of "Mi obra maestra", an Argentine film co-produced by MEDIAPRO
The Spanish actor, co-star of "La isla mínima" and the winner of a Goya award for Best Debut Director, completes a cast led by Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni

MEDIAPRO is a stake-holder in the production of "Mi obra maestra", an Argentine comedy with Raúl Arévalo ("La isla mínima", "El negociador", "Cien años de perdón") as one of the lead actors. The Spanish perfomer completes a cast headed by two veterans of Argentine film-making: Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni. Raúl Arévalo –who also won a Goya for Best Debut Director for "Tarde para la ira" in 2017–, plays Alex, a young man set on receiving painting classes from Renzo (Luis Brandoni), an irascible, rather wild artist, who's in clear decline. The established painter hates all social contact and lives almost like a tramp, kept by his only rather innocent pupil.

"Mi obra maestra" is Argentine Gastón Duprat's latest film, director of famous comedies such as "El ciudadano ilustre". With the veteran Argentine film-maker Mariano Cohn heading up production, the feature-length film is set in and around Buenos Aires, the spectacular region of Jujui and the Brazilian Museum of Contemporary Art.

"Mi obra maestra" is a Televisión Abierta and Arco Libre (Argentina) co-production with MEDIAPRO (Spain), which tells the story of the relationship between two Friends: the irascible painter Renzo (Luis Brandoni) and Arturo (Guillermo Francella), a well-liked art-gallery owner, who is sophisticated and with good intentions who is trying to resuscitate the artist's career. Both characters are united by an old friendship, although they have very little in common. Their lives and ideas are worlds apart and which is a source of tension between them. But despite their differences, they are great friends

8th November 2017

"Sergio & Sergei" launches its first international trailer
The film co-produced by MEDIAPRO is set to premiere in Spain in 2018

"Sergio & Sergei", the new film by the Cuban director Ernesto Daranas Serrano and co-produced by MEDIAPRO, now has its international trailer. The official Contemporary World Cinema Section at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was host to the world presentation of the film which tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of communism. The film was also recently premiered in Asia at the Busan International Film Festival.

Co-written by Ernesto Daranas and Marta Daranas and starring Tomás Cao (Sergio) and Héctor Noas (Sergey), the film also features a special guest appearance from the American actor Ron Perlman ("Hellboy", "The name of the rose") who plays Peter, the American journalist who helps the protagonists. Ron Perlman is also one of the film's executive producers.

"Sergio & Serguéi" is a MEDIAPRO, RTV Comercial and Cuban Film and Arts Institute (ICAIC) production. WestEnd Films is distributing the film internationally. BTEAM Pictures is responsible for the film's distribution in Spain.

The film tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut left stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of the Soviet bloc. Sergei manages to make contact with Sergio, an amateur radio enthusiast and Cuban philosophy teacher and an American journalist. Both try to get the big super-powers to put aside their ideological differences to find a solution to the cosmonaut's situation.

6th November 2017

"Fe de etarras", a Netflix original film, to premiere in cinemas on the 7th December
Directed by Borja Cobeaga and starring Javier Cámara, Julián López, Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa

Netflix, the leading Internet entertainment content provider, has announced that its second original Spanish film, "Fe de etarras", is set to premiere on the 7th December in at least 20 cinemas in Spain with a high-profile presence in Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country.

Directed by Borja Cobeaga ("Negociador", "No controles") and written by Diego San José (co-writer of the recent hits "Ocho apellidos vascos" and "Ocho apellidos catalanes"), "Fe de etarras" stars Javier Cámara ("Narcos", "Truman", "Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados"), Julián López ("El tiempo de los monstruos", "Perdiendo el norte", "Pagafantas"), Miren Ibarguren ("Anclados", "Aída", "La que se avecina") and Gorka Otxoa ("Allí abajo", "Los miércoles no existen", "Pagafantas"). The second original Spanish Netflix film is produced by MEDIAPRO ("Mondays in the sun", "Midnight in Paris", "The secret life of words", "A perfect day") and is also set to premiere in at least 20 selected cinemas thanks to the deal signed with the producer and distributor A Contracorriente.

Netflix is pleased to announce that viewers will get a chance to enjoy the film both in selected cinemas from the 7th December as well as on the Netflix platform from the 12th October.

The principle objective of Netflix when it comes to programming original content is giving control to the consumer and this is another step in that direction.

The tandem Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José demonstrate their cutting-edge humour once again in a film which earnt a 10-minute-long standing ovation at the screening at this year's San Sebastian Film Festival. According to Cobeaga, "to see that enormous cinema full of people laughing at the same time was one of the sweetest moments of my professional career. An unbelievable experience".

"Fe de etarras" takes place in baking-hot summer of 2010 in a small Spanish provincial capital. An unlikely and dysfunctional commando made up of a veteran ETA fighter looking to prove he's not past his best (Javier Cámara), a couple whose commitment to each other depends on the success of the mission (Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa) and a guy from the heart of Spain who thinks that joining the cell will make him feel like Chuck Norris (Julián López) are all holed up in a flat waiting for orders, which never seem to arrive, to jump into action. Meanwhile, the Spanish national team are striding towards their first ever World Cup win in South Africa with the whole town celebrating their passage.

About Netflix
Netflix is the world's leading Internet entertainment content provider. It is present in more than 190 countries around the world, its more than 109 subscribers enjoy more than 125 million hours of series and films, including documentaries, films and original Netflix series which can be seen when and wherever they like on just about any connected screen. Viewers can also play, pause or continue enjoying content without advertising and permanent contracts.

The MEDIAPRO Group is a leading content production company. Latest productions include the series "Vis a vis" and "Nit i dia". Film projects include work with directors such as Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Fernando León de Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Patricio Guzmán and Roman Polanski. MEDIAPRO productions have won 2 Oscars with 3 further nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Independent Spirit awards, 1 Vulcaine award at the Cannes Film Festival, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlinale, 27 Goyas and 1 Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

About A Contracorriente
A Contracorriente Films is a film distributor and producer created in 2010 with the goal of becoming one of Spain's leading film companies. Specialising in European and independent cinema, it is Spain's leading film distributor with more than 13 million spectators and with more than 83 million euros taken at the box-office. Highlights include "Intocable", "Dios mío, ¿pero qué te hemos hecho?", "Pequeñas mentiras sin importancia", "Profesor Lazhar", "Bienvenidos al Sur", "El ciudadano ilustre" and "Ballerina".

1st November 2017

Agreement between Chilevisión and MEDIAPRO to broadcast the Chilean qualifying games for the Qatar 2022 World Cup
Tatxo Benet and Jorge Carey signed the joint commercial and TV rights deal in Chile

Jorge Carey, the executive president of Turner Chile, and Tatxo Benet, managing partner of the MEDIAPRO Group, have reached an agreement for the joint management of the commercial and TV rights for the Chilean national team's qualifying games for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which comprises the period 2019 to 2022, in an event which took place in the Chilevisión and CNN Chile studios.

The closing of the deal comes after the National Professional Football Association's (ANFP) adjudication of the broadcast rights to the Chilean national team's friendly and qualifying games to Chilevisión.

The agreement covers the commercialisation of the broadcast rights both on Chile and abroad of the national team. Turner Chile and the MEDIAPRO Group will have the right to negotiate with interested parties on behalf of the Chilean national team. Chilevisión will have the exclusive broadcast rights to all the Chilean national team's matches as well as the 2022 World Cup qualifiers from January 2018.

For Jorge Carey, "our biggest challenge is to continue to represent the vast majority of Chileans, generating attractive, quality content on topics as diverse as politics, entertainment and sport. The partnership with MEDIAPRO allows us to continue to strengthen the value of our content with the broadcast of all the Chilean national team games on Chilevisión. For Turner Chile it's a proud for us to be able to partner the national team in its journey towards the World Cup in".

According to Tatxo Benet, the deal represents "the chance to share our know-how in production and commercialisation of audiovisual rights with Chilevisión and help to strengthen the image of the Chilean national team both at home and abroad.".

MEDIAPRO, which is responsible for the international commercialisation of LaLiga, has proven track record in the creation and commercialisation of themed channels such as F1 channel in Latin America and beIN LaLiga and beIN Sports in Spain, in addition to its own OTT beIN Connect. It is currently producing 13 national football leagues, including: Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Columbia, Bolivia, among others; as well as frequently partnering with the FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, OBS, F1, UEFA European League and Asian Football Confederations.

The company is part of the Turner Broadcasting System, Latin America Inc. Group. It defines itself as an independent, plural and modern audiovisual media communication group, which looks to satisfy the needs of Chilean society with a programming schedule based on current affairs, news broadcasting and quality entertainment.

A leader in the European audiovisual sector unique in its ability to integrate content, production and audiovisual distribution, with activities around the world via its 45 bases in 28 countries. MEDIAPRO provides the creativity and the technical solutions needed to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project anywhere in the world. With a fleet of 53 outside broadcast vans, Group staff work across the five continents. Group activities cover the entire spectrum of audiovisual content with particular highlights being fiction, comedy shows and documentaries.

Recent productions include the fiction series "The Young Pope", "Vis a Vis" and "Nit i Dia". Group productions have won awards at high-profile national and international TV festivals, MEDIAPRO Group programmes can be seen in 150 different countries. In film production, the MEDIAPRO Group has worked with directors such as Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Manuel Huerga, Fernando León de Aranoa, Javier Fesser, Isabel Coixet, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Patricio Guzman and Roman Polanski. Present at the leading film festivals, MEDIAPRO productions have won 2 Oscars and 3 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Independent Spirit award, 1 Vulcaine award at the Cannes Festival, 1 Golden Bear at the Berlinale, 28 Goyas, 1 BAFTA and 1 Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Festival.

19th October 2017

"No te metas en política" llega a El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze de Madrid y se podrá ver en directo online
El late night de humor creado y conducido por Facu Díaz y Miguel Maldonado, producido por Grupo MEDIAPRO, estrena su segunda temporada el 17 de noviembre / El show que repasa la actualidad política también podrá verse en directo en Internet, cada viernes a las 22.45 h

"No te metas en política", el late night atípico y alternativo creado y conducido por los humoristas Facu Díaz y Miguel Maldonado, estrena nueva temporada en El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze. Las entradas están ya a la venta en la web del teatro.

El show, que ha ido creciendo en popularidad desde su estreno en 2016, inicia ahora una nueva etapa en la que amplía su público dando el salto al Pavón Teatro Kamizake, una sala para 400 espectadores. Además, el show se emitirá en directo por streaming cada viernes a partir de las 22.45 h.

Desde el humor y el sarcasmo, "No te metas en política" repasa las noticias más destacadas de la semana y cómo las cuentan los medios de comunicación. Valiéndose de su humor sarcástico e incisivo, Facu Díaz y Miguel Maldonado comentan la actualidad del país con monólogos, entrevistas y sketches.

Acompañados de un invitado, cada semana se sumergen también en el mundo del cine, el teatro, la televisión, el deporte, la música y -cómo no- la política.

Facu Díaz es un joven humorista que se ha servido de las redes sociales para hacerse un hueco en la escena del humor político desde hace varios años. Unas cuantas parodias sobre la situación política le abrieron las puertas de La Tuerka, donde trabajó como reportero y posteriormente como presentador. Desde 2016, copresenta junto a Miguel Maldonado el programa "No te metas en política".

El humorista Miguel Maldonado se dio a conocer en el formato "Tuerka News" tras dar el salto desde detrás de las cámaras y sorprender a la audiencia como colaborador. En poco tiempo, sus intervenciones fueron ganando peso hasta convertirse en el 50% del programa, y desde 2016 acompaña a Facu Díaz como copresentador de "No te metas en política", donde torpedea incesantemente las informaciones con sarcasmo, ironía y personajes que va creando sobre la marcha.

18th October 2017

Javier Gutiérrez and Josep Maria Pou, win ONDAS' awards for their work in two MEDIAPRO Group productions
Gutiérrez, for Best Actor in the fiction series "Estoy vivo" (TVE), and Pou, for Best Actor in a fiction series shown on regional networks for "Nit i dia" (TV3)

Javier Gutiérrez, as Manuel Márquez in "Estoy vivo", and Josep Maria Pou, as Benet Muntada in "Nit i dia", have picked up Ondas awards. Both series, MEDIAPRO Group productions, are big hits on TVE and TV3 respectively.

Javier Gutiérrez wins the Ondas Award for Best Actor in a Fiction Series for his ability to switch between comedy and drama and his capacity to express subtle shades of his character's personality, such as Inspector Manuel Márquez in the series "Estoy vivo". Produced by Globomedia, it premiered on La 1 on the 7th September and is currently one of the most watched shows on TV with an average of 2,356,000 viewers (15.7%). Gutiérrez plays a police inspector reincarnated in the body of someone else who returns to the world of the living to find his family five years on.

Josep Maria Pou picks up the Ondas Award for Best Actor in a series broadcast on a regional network for his work in "Nit i dia" as Benet Muntada who at the same time is sensitive and yet a criminal, artistic and yet a killer. "Nit i dia", produced by MEDIAPRO for TV3, has been a big hit with Catalan audiences and TV critics alike. The 13 episodes of the second series, which stars Josep Maria Pou, has averaged a 12% share (309,000 viewers). In addition, the first season can now be seen in the USA and the UK thanks to the deal signed with the Global Series Network. Pou plays the educated Benet Muntada, book-shop owner and master chess-player, but behind the mask hides a serial killer.

Both actors have won multiple awards over their careers with highlights being the Goya 2015 award for Best Actor for Javier Gutiérrez for his work in "Isla mínima", a role which he also saw him win a Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival, a Fotogramas Silver Award, an Actors' Union award and the Feroz Award. For his role as Sátur in "Águila Roja", another Globomedia fiction series, he also won the Actors' Union 2012 award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a TV fiction series.

Josep Maria Pou has also won a host of awards, many of them for his work in the theatre-including the National Theatre Award, the Terenci Moix International Award, four Max awards for: "La cabra o ¿quién es Sylvia?". Other highlights include: the Villa de Madrid "Ricardo Calvo" award for Best Actor (1985), the Sant Jordi Film Award (1988), the Catalan National Theatre Award (2004) for his role in "Celobert"; the Honorary Gaudi Award (2017) for his reading of "Bartleby, l'escrivent".

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