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18th January 2018

Cruz del Norte welcomes the media
Coinciding with the start of the recording of the new season of "Vis a vis", the media was invited to visit the new set and talk to the cast

The much-awaited return of “Vis a Vis” is nearly on us with the start of recording of the third season of the series. Produced by Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) and FOX Networks Group (FNG) Spain, the new season includes the transfer of a high-profile group of inmates to Cruz del Norte, another jail in the group as Cruz del Sur.

Coinciding with the production launch, the last names to make up the cast have also been announced: Luis Callejo (“Tarde para la ira”, “Kiki, el amor se hace”, “Cien años de perdón”), who is set to play Frutos, one of the security guards in the new prison; Abril Zamora (“Temporada baja”, “La que se avecina”, “The best day of my life”), who is set to play one of the inmates in Cruz del Norte; Itziar Castro, nominated for a Goya for Best Debut Actress for her role in “Pieles” and who is to play a troubling inmate called Goya; and Zaira Pérez (“La llave de la felicidad” y “Oposats”), who will play Millán, a new guard who believes in playing it by the book and the institution of prison until she gets to Cruz del Norte.

The cast this time around sees Maggie Civantos (Macarena), Najwa Nimri (Zulema), Berta Vázquez (Rizos), Alba Flores (Saray), María Isabel Díaz (Sole), Inma Cuevas (Anabel), Laura Baena (Antonia) and Marta Aledo (Tere) all still part of the show, along with the addition of Ruth Díaz, as the new inmate Mercedes Carrillo; Adriana Paz –also nominated for a Goya for her work in “El autor”-, as Altagracia, the head of the prison guards at Cruz del Norte; Ana Marzoa, plays the inmate Pruden, the actress from Taiwan Huichi Chiu, who plays Akame, the head of the Chinese gang in the prison the Tríada Tao, the rivals to Macarena and Zulema in this new season; and Javier Lara, set to play Álex, the warden at Cruz del Norte.

Inspector Castillo (Jesús Castejón) will also have a new assistant on the team, Nerea, played by Irene Anula –“Los miércoles no existen”-, a tough-talking, meticulous, straight-forward police-woman. Dedicated to her job, she tries to not allow her unfortunate private life interfere with carrying out her duties.

In addition, the actors Roberto Enríquez (Fabio) and Ramiro Blas (Sandoval) will also make special guest appearances in the upcoming season providing continuity in the plot-lines from the last series.

18th January 2018

Nickelodeon Latin America and MEDIAPRO ink deal for new scripted gaming series "N00Bees"
60-Episode Order to premier Q3 2018

Nickelodeon Latin America announces N00Bees (60-episodes x 1 hour), a new scripted gaming series in the works with MEDIAPRO. The announcement was made today by Tatiana Rodríguez, Senior Vice-president / Brand Head, Kids & Family Group for Nickelodeon Latin America and Javier Méndez, Head of Content at MEDIAPRO Group, at the National Association of Television Executives (NATPE) conference in Miami Beach, Florida.

The series was created by Flipy, from MEDIAPRO Group’s production company 100Balas. It will be produced in Spanish for Nickelodeon’s audience in Latin America and customized to Portuguese for viewers in Brazil. The series will be shot in Bogota, Colombia at MEDIAPRO’s facility, Televideo, whose production expertise includes teen hits Chica Vampiro and Nickelodeon Latin America’s Yo Soy Franky. Additionally, the series will feature images from MEDIAPRO’s Professional Videogames League (LVP), the biggest e-sports league in Spain and host of major online and offline tournaments for games such as League of Legends & Call of Duty, among others.

“With the growing popularity of E-sports and gaming among kids, we are delighted to partner with MEDIAPRO to deliver this unique scripted series,” commented Rodriguez. “MEDIAPRO’s experience in the e-sports industry, along with the series innovative storyline, engaging characters and on trend gaming theme is certain to make an impact with Nickelodeon’s audience in the region and create new fans in the process.”

Javier Méndez of Media Group added, “We are especially excited with this project which joins two different business areas of the Group, content creation and e-sports, a universe in which we’d like to have more presence every day. We will provide all our experience in both areas to ensure a successful and appealing product”.

"We are excited to add this new Nickelodeon project to our well-known portfolio of more than 1000 hours of telenovela content for kids-teens,” commented Guillermo Borensztein, Vice President of Content and Co-productions for Viacom International Media Networks Americas. “Not only does this position us as one of the main producers and distributors of this genre, but also allows us to open new doors and generate added value proposals for our clients.”

N00Bees, whose title denotes a person who is new at playing an online game and/or is bad at it, follows Silvia, her brother Erick and their friends Tania, Pablo and Niko. Silvia has never been interested in video games. She has always preferred the outdoors and playing her favorite sport basketball. She is the opposite of her father, Hector, and her brother - for them video games is everything! When Erick is presented with the unique opportunity of participating in the E-Sports Championship, his greatest dream, Silvia does everything possible to help him achieve it, even if it means becoming a professional gamer. Silvia and Erick along with their friends create N00Bees - an E-sports team that will compete for the title at the Professional Video Games League. But the task will not be easy. Besides dealing with all the usual problems associated with growing up, Silvia will have to learn how to play video games while competing against David, the best player in the region and with whom she’ll fall in love. What nobody knows is that something will happen to Silvia that will make her gain some incredible powers allowing her to control the way she plays videogames, and this will be epic!

N00Bees will begin production in April and will debut pan-regionally late Q3 on Nickelodeon Latin America (exact date to be confirmed). The series will be distributed internationally by VIMN Americas’ International Programming Sales team.

18th January 2018

Javier Olivares & Globomedia join forces to develop fiction projects
The showrunner, creator of several hit series including "Isabel" and "The Ministry of Time", will be exclusively associated with MEDIAPRO Group"s production company

Javier Olivares, creator and screenwriter responsible for several TV production hits joins the ranks at Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) to develop fiction projects. Javier, who holds a degree in History and a Master’s degree in Art Theory, will be exclusively associated with the production company, where he had worked in the past as a screenwriter on successful shows such as “The Comedy Club”, “The Serrano’s” and “Paco’s Men”.

According to Globomedia CEO Javier Pons, "For Globomedia and the MEDIAPRO Group, it is a pleasure to welcome one of the most outstanding fiction showrunners in Spain aboard and with whom we aspire to maintain our firm commitment to bringing the best creative minds together. We are united by the volition to tell great stories, doing so with the utmost quality and professionalism possible".

For Olivares, "returning to Globomedia is like a homecoming. Both my brother Pablo and I spent many years here. But, above all, it is going to work with excellent professionals who share the same passions as myself: to create series. I think these are exciting times for Spanish fiction series and it is an honour that they asked me to join them."

Javier Olivares will combine his work as showrunner with his passion for literature, having authored and published several novels including “Isabel: Everybody knows the Queen, but nobody knows Isabel” and “Philip: You Will Inherit the World”- together with his lecturing career as Professor of Screenwriting in Spain’s most prestigious Film Schools and Faculties. Creator of hit series including “Isabel”, “Víctor Ros” (based on the novels by Jerónimo Tristante) and “The Ministry of Time” –together with his brother Pablo Olivares-, all of which were produced for TVE and productions such as “Infidels”; “Kubala, Moreno and Manchón” -with Anaïs Schaaff-, both for TV3.

Globomedia is the leading television fiction production company in Spain, responsible for titles including “Locked Up”, “I am Alive”, “The Accident”, “The red Eagle”, “The Boarding School” “Lifeline” and TV programmes such as “El Intermedio”, “Zapeando” and “The Comedy Club”. Globomedia’s impressive track record includes several ground-breaking formats and programmes such as “Médico de familia” (1995), “Caiga quien caiga” (1996), “7 Lives” (1999) and “Aida” (2005), “One Step Forward” (2002), “The Serrano’s” (2003) or “59 seconds” (2004). In the same vein, Globomedia is also a reference in original content creation in the field of current-affairs humour programmes.

In addition, Globomedia fiction productions are present in more than 125 countries, having special relevance in Europe. Adaptations and original versions of the series that triumph in Spain also do so on TV networks the world over.

18th January 2018

The MEDIAPRO documentary "1-O" was the number one viewer choice in both its prime-time premiere and repeat showing on Saturday the 13th
The programme set a new record for "Sense Ficci" with more than 1,100,000 viewers and a 34.4% share

The documentary “1-O”, which premiered on Tuesday the 9th January in the prime-time slot as part of the “Sense Ficció” season on TV3, was the most watched show in Catalonia on both its debut and repeat showing on Saturday the 13th. The programme was the number one show on Tuesday with 1,135,000 viewers and a 34.4% share, making it the second most watched non-sporting show in the region this season, beaten into second only by the debate in the Catalan Parliament on the 10th October (1,482,000 viewers and a 47.9% share). The most-watched minute came at 22.26 with 1,273,000 viewers and a 38.2% share. In addition, 1,516,000 viewers watched the show for at least one minute.

”1-O” also notched up impressive figures on its repeat showing on Saturday the 13th as part of the “Veus de l’1-O” programme. The documentary was the number one programme in Catalonia with a 13.6% share and 369,000 viewers.

The excellent figures posted on its debut broadcast helped “Sense Ficció” notch up its best ever audience, a record hitherto held by another MEDIAPRO production, “Las cloacas de Interior”, a documentary broadcast in July and which clocked up a 30.1% share and 766,000 viewers. “1-O” is also the most watched entertainment show in the last six years on TV3 since the broadcast of “Crakòvia” on the 30th May 2011 (1,154,000 viewers and 34.3%).

Online, “1-O” also set a new record for live streaming with close to 19,526 unique users on the programme’s debut and then again on the repeat showing with 25,.332 unique users, 30% more than the first broadcast.

Online, “1-O” made its debut on Tuesday making a big splash. The conversation about the programme on Twitter generated more than 115,000 messages and was the second most commented programme in Spain. The most-commented minute came at 22.34 with 1,690 tweets, and messages that saw a total of 10 million impressions. The #1octubreTV3 hashtag was a world-wide trending topic for three hours and even made to the top spot.


On the 6th September 2017, the Catalan regional government called an independence referendum. Despite being banned by the Spanish government, the 1st October with rain lashing down and in an extremely hostile atmosphere, thousands of people went out to vote. “1-O” is the story of the day of what happened in 5 of the polling stations in what both a terrible yet unforgettable day which saw more than two million people fight pacifically for their right to decide their own future.

18th January 2018

MEDIAPRO Group productions big hits on Telemadrid
Successful debut for "Eso no se pregunta" and record audience numbers for "Tras la pista"

Blind people, religious people, black people, transsexuals, people suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, gypsies, people with serious weight issues and Muslims are just some of the groups to feature on “Eso no se pregunta” helping to raise awareness of differences. People with Down’s Syndrome were the first people to come on the programme to answer some of the questions that the new Globomedia produced show for Telemadrid wanted answered. Sunday’s debut show, on the 14th January, was the most watched programme over the course of the day on the network with 106,000 viewers and a 4.1% share (0.9% over the channel average on Sunday).

Representatives of often stereotyped groups answer tough questions anonymously for the Telemadrid Spanish version of the show “You can’t ask that”, an Australian ABC original format with excellent reviews from the critics. “Eso no se pregunta” sets out to overcome prejudices and discrimination, helping to raise awareness of groups of people who are often excluded and misunderstood by the rest of society.

The 9th January sees “Tras la pista” post its best ever figures and consolidate its position on the Telemadrid programme schedule

The news entertainment show on Telemadrid produced by MEDIAPRO couldn’t have started the year any better. After the Christmas break, the programme presented by David Aleman and María Gracia is back breaking its own audience figures records with a 12.4% share and 145,000 viewers, doubling the channel’s daily share number. “Tras la pista” took an in-depth look at the Diana Quer case bringing viewers all the latest news about the murder of the girl from Madrid killed more than a year ago in Galicia.

The show which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday in the late-night slot on the Madrid regional channel also posted more impressive figures (6.8% and 63,000 viewers) on Thursday the 11th January when they took a look at forensic report from the initial autopsy from the Diana Quer case, among other issues. Since its launch in September last year, “Tras la pista” has averaged a 4.2% share and 42,000 viewers, making it one of the most successful launches of the season on Telemadrid.

18th January 2018

"El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo" set for 14th season on ETB2
The new season is back in the Caribbean and a big hit on its launch

“El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo” is back in Columbia and has changed its name to match its location to “El Conquistador del Caribe”. The ETB 2 debut show, on the 15th January, for the 14th season of the reality adventure entertainment programme, notched up its best launch in five seasons with an impressive 20.3% share. The show was the most watched programme in its broadcast slot and the most popular among male viewers (23.4%) as well as viewers between the ages of 13 and 44 (28.5%).

Julian Iantzi is back for yet another year at the helm for TV’s toughest game-show, which kicks off with three teams of 10 contestants, each one prepared to do anything to win. Gotzon Mantuliz will be bringing all the action to viewers via the main social networking sites and the programme’s web-page and “El Conquis” -presented by Patxi Alonso- will be providing viewers with unseen footage and insider-action from behind scenes at the programme.

The return of the long-running programme produced by Hostoil was primed by the airing of “El Conquistador del Caribe: La cuenta atrás”, which was broadcast on the 8th January and designed to get the engines running. The special preview show, which saw all the 30 contestants presented to viewers as well as the captains who are taking part in the 14th edition of the show, was the joint most watched show over its broadcast slot with a 14.2% share.

To round the debut off, “El Conquistador” invited fans of the programme to show off their adventure skills in an event which took place on Sunday the 14th January with visitors getting the chance to climb up a 16-metre high net in Bilbao. Julian Iantzi and Jon Gómez were both on hand to liven things up and get viewers ready for the new season of the adventure game-show.

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