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13rd November 2017

"Fe de etarras", a Netflix original film, to premiere in cinemas on the 7th December
Directed by Borja Cobeaga and starring Javier Cámara, Julián López, Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa

Netflix, the leading Internet entertainment content provider, has announced that its second original Spanish film, “Fe de etarras”, is set to premiere on the 7th December in at least 20 cinemas in Spain with a high-profile presence in Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country.

Directed by Borja Cobeaga (“Negociador”, “No controles”) and written by Diego San José (co-writer of the recent hits “Ocho apellidos vascos” and “Ocho apellidos catalanes”), “Fe de etarras” stars Javier Cámara (“Narcos”, “Truman”, “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados”), Julián López (“El tiempo de los monstruos”, “Perdiendo el norte”, “Pagafantas”), Miren Ibarguren (“Anclados”, “Aída”, “La que se avecina”) and Gorka Otxoa (“Allí abajo”, “Los miércoles no existen”, “Pagafantas”). The second original Spanish Netflix film is produced by MEDIAPRO (“Mondays in the sun”, “Midnight in Paris”, “The secret life of words”, “A perfect day”) and is also set to premiere in at least 20 selected cinemas thanks to the deal signed with the producer and distributor A Contracorriente.

Netflix is pleased to announce that viewers will get a chance to enjoy the film both in selected cinemas from the 7th December as well as on the Netflix platform from the 12th October

The principle objective of Netflix when it comes to programming original content is giving control to the consumer and this is another step in that direction.

The tandem Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José demonstrate their cutting-edge humour once again in a film which earnt a 10-minute-long standing ovation at the screening at this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival. According to Cobeaga, “to see that enormous cinema full of people laughing at the same time was one of the sweetest moments of my professional career. An unbelievable experience”.

“Fe de etarras” takes place in baking-hot summer of 2010 in a small Spanish provincial capital. An unlikely and dysfunctional commando made up of a veteran ETA fighter looking to prove he’s not past his best (Javier Cámara), a couple whose commitment to each other depends on the success of the mission (Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa) and a guy from the heart of Spain who thinks that joining the cell will make him feel like Chuck Norris (Julián López) are all holed up in a flat waiting for orders, which never seem to arrive, to jump into action. Meanwhile, the Spanish national team are striding towards their first ever World Cup win in South Africa with the whole town celebrating their passage.

About Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading Internet entertainment content provider. It is present in more than 190 countries around the world, its more than 109 subscribers enjoy more than 125 million hours of series and films, including documentaries, films and original Netflix series which can be seen when and wherever they like on just about any connected screen. Viewers can also play, pause or continue enjoying content without advertising and permanent contracts.

13rd November 2017

"Sergio & Sergei" launches its first international trailer
The film co-produced by MEDIAPRO is set to premiere in Spain in 2018

“Sergio & Sergei”, the new film by the Cuban director Ernesto Daranas Serrano and co-produced by MEDIAPRO, now has its international trailer. The official Contemporary World Cinema Section at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was host to the world presentation of the film which tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of communism. The film was also recently premiered in Asia at the Busan International Film Festival.

Co-written by Ernesto Daranas and Marta Daranas and starring Tomás Cao (Sergio) and Héctor Noas (Sergey), the film also features a special guest appearance from the American actor Ron Perlman (“Hellboy”, “The name of the rose”) who plays Peter, the American journalist who helps the protagonists. Ron Perlman is also one of the film’s executive producers.

“Sergio & Serguéi” is a MEDIAPRO, RTV Comercial and Cuban Film and Arts Institute (ICAIC) production. WestEnd Films is distributing the film internationally. BTEAM Pictures is responsible for the film’s distribution in Spain.


The film tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut left stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of the Soviet bloc. Sergei manages to make contact with Sergio, an amateur radio enthusiast and Cuban philosophy teacher and an American journalist. Both try to get the big super-powers to put aside their ideological differences to find a solution to the cosmonaut’s situation.

13rd November 2017

"Directo GOL Boxing" special with analysis of the "La Velada del Millón"
Jaime Ugarte, Emilio Marquiegui and Manel Berdonce analyse in detail the match-up between Kerman Lejarraga and José del Río for the Spanish welter-weight crown

GOL continues its boxing coverage with a “Directo GOL” special with comprehensive analysis of the “La Velada del Millón” from Bilbao between Kerman Lejarraga and José del Río for the Spanish welter-weight belt.

The programme will be presented by the voice of boxing in Spain, Jaime Ugarte, as well as featuring expert analysis from Emilio Marquiegui and Manel Berdonce, the Spanish boxer who has spent most as national champion. The programme features interviews with the boxers who took part in the “La Velada del Millón”: Kerman Lejarraga, José del Río, César Córdoba and Javier García Roche.

In addition, the “Directo GOL” special will also feature the visit of Europe’s current number two super-lightweight boxer, Sandor Martín. The Catalan will provide his account of the fight against the Swede Anthony Yigit, a bout which saw the Spanish boxer lose on points. Spectators can interact with the programme via the #DirectoGOLBoxeo hashtag.

13rd November 2017

Raúl Arévalo one of the stars of "Mi obra maestra", an Argentine film co-produced by MEDIAPRO
The Spanish actor, co-star of "La isla mínima" and the winner of a Goya award for Best Debut Director, completes a cast led by Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni

MEDIAPRO is a stake-holder in the production of “Mi obra maestra”, an Argentine comedy with Raúl Arévalo (“La isla mínima”, “El negociador”, “Cien años de perdón”) as one of the lead actors. The Spanish perfomer completes a cast headed by two veterans of Argentine film-making: Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni. Raúl Arévalo –who also won a Goya for Best Debut Director for “Tarde para la ira” in 2017–, plays Alex, a young man set on receiving painting classes from Renzo (Luis Brandoni), an irascible, rather wild artist, who’s in clear decline. The established painter hates all social contact and lives almost like a tramp, kept by his only rather innocent pupil.

“Mi obra maestra” is Argentine Gastón Duprat’s latest film, director of famous comedies such as “El ciudadano ilustre”. With the veteran Argentine film-maker Mariano Cohn heading up production, the feature-length film is set in and around Buenos Aires, the spectacular region of Jujui and the Brazilian Museum of Contemporary Art.

“Mi obra maestra” is a Televisión Abierta and Arco Libre (Argentina) co-production with MEDIAPRO (Spain), which tells the story of the relationship between two Friends: the irascible painter Renzo (Luis Brandoni) and Arturo (Guillermo Francella), a well-liked art-gallery owner, who is sophisticated and with good intentions who is trying to resuscitate the artist’s career. Both characters are united by an old friendship, although they have very little in common. Their lives and ideas are worlds apart and which is a source of tension between them. But despite their differences, they are great friends.

13rd November 2017

"Offside" launches its third season, on beIN SPORTS, from Cyprus
José Sanchis to visit the Mediterranean Island to highlight the two sides of football on the island split in half by politics

“Offside” is back. The programme directed by José Sanchis returns to beIN SPORTS for its third season. For the first show, José Sanchis and the rest of the team travel to Cyprus, where they will relive the invasion by the Turkish army in the north of the island in 1974 which saw the country split in two a situation which has remained to the present day.

“Offside” returns with a bang with the current state of football in Cyprus which sees the Republic of Cyprus above countries such as Scotland, Sweden and Poland in the UEFA rankings; the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus isolated from the world’s footballing bodies and without international recognition.

The first showing of the programme will be on beIN SPORTS on Thursday at 22:00 where, football fans will get a chance go beyond the headlines and experience the sport from a different perspective with a fresh format and in-depth reporting.

13rd November 2017

Mediapro Brands organises the Open Day event at the Madrid Sports High-Performance Centre
The Sports Council event honoured the best sports men and women at the High-Performance Centre in the 2016-2017 season

Mediapro Brands was behind the organisation of the event, headed by the Chairman of the Spanish Sports Council, José Ramón Lete Lasa as well as featuring the Olympic medallist Lydia Valentín.

The event took place at the Madrid High-Performance Centre and honoured the best school-age sportsmen and women of the year as well as stand-out performers from across the centre. Sportsmen and women honoured included Carolina Marín, Lydia Valentín, Marcus Cooper and Cristian Toro.

In addition, the invited guests enjoyed displays from the gymnastics and fencing teams as well as the kids getting a chance to get maters classes from the centre’s top sportsmen and women. A total of 320 kids took part in the classes and more than 900 people attended the event.

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