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15th September 2017

"Estoy vivo" premieres on La 1 as the number one show in prime-time with 2.5 million viewers
The new series produced by Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) is the best fiction series debut on TVE in the last two years

“Estoy vivo”, the police drama with supernatural undertones produced by Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group), has proven a big hit on its premiere on La 1 with 2,545,000 viewers. The new series starring Javier Gutiérrez, Alejo Sauras and Anna Castillo was also the programme with the largest prime-time share with 17.1%.

More than 5.1 million viewers watched the fiction series created by Daniel Écija at least once, making it the best debut performance for a fiction series for the public channel in the last two years. The most-watched minute on La 1 was also in “Estoy vivo” at 23:43, when 2,889,000 viewers (21.1% share) were watching the series in which Javier Gutiérrez who plays a police-man dies chasing a serial killer, but who returns to life five years later with a different identity.

The premiere of the first episode of “Estoy vivo” was also a big hit on social networking sites with users praising the work of the actors and the ambitious plot-lines. The series was a trending topic on Thursday the 7th September on Twitter with the #estoyvivo1 hashtag.

Three recent Goya winners, Javier Gutiérrez, Roberto Álamo and Anna Castillo, head a cast which also includes Alejo Sauras, Cristina Plazas, Alfonso Bassave, Jesús Castejón, Fele Martínez, Zorión Eguileor, Goizalde Nuñez, Mon Ceballos and Lucía Caraballo.

15th September 2017

The LaLiga and MEDIAPRO initiatives help to put LaLiga at the cutting-edge of sports broadcasting
Football as you"ve never seen it before

The objective of the very best quality broadcasts continues to be a key priority for LaLiga in the 2017-2018 season. With the support of MEDIAPRO, the official LaLiga audiovisual provider, the match-day coverage is set to take a further step forward, bringing LaLiga Santander fans the very best viewing experience. LaLiga, a pioneer in cutting-edge broadcast technology, will be presenting viewer upgrades over the course of the season in match production, audiovisual content and LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1l2l3 club content feeds.

One of the most important upgrades for the new season include the 4K production of up to two games per match-day with all the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid games. In addition, this season will also see three more grounds equipped with permanent aerial camera technology (La Rosaleda (Malaga CF), the RCDE Stadium (RCD Espanyol) and the Benito Villamarín Stadium (Real Betis Balompié), making nine in total and making LaLiga the only competition to have this technology available in so many grounds. Furthermore, the new corner-located high-speed cameras will allow match-day producers to capture all the action in super-slow camera speed.

Over the course of last season LaLiga was the first competition to offer 360º INTEL replays in its match-feeds. The innovative technology installed in the Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabéu saw them become the first grounds in Europe to use the technology. This season, LaLiga is taking it one step further with the installation of two new systems in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán and the Wanda Metropolitano.

In order to provide even more value to the broadcasts all the data and all the available tracking analysis will be used to offer stats that improve the LaLiga viewer experience. The performance data and the live 3D graphics -provided by ChyronHego- will offer viewers greater information to help understand everything that’s happening in the pitch during the match. In addition, for the very first time the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1l2l3 teams will be wearing unified names and numbers with an exclusive design for LaLiga which facilitate viewer player identity.

More exclusive content for international operators

LaLiga in addition will also provide exclusive TV content for its broadcasters. Since the start of the 2017-18 season, LaLiga launched a full HD TV channel with round the clock programming devoted to LaLiga. The channel features commentary in both English and Spanish, as well as a full script and background audio tracks.

Also kicking off this season, LaLiga is set to produce a full-set programme entirely in English with match previews. Presented by Simon Hanley, who will be joined by two pundits, the programme will preview the upcoming games before the first match starts.

In addition, from the start of the season every LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1l2l3 stadium will be equipped with an automatically controlled tactical camera to be able to follow the play and provide key tactical perspectives live for expert analysis from the teams’ match analysts. The signal, produced by the cameras will be available for analysis in real time in the grounds, as well as being streamed from anywhere. A solution which puts all the images and all the data into the hands of the analysts in a user-friendly and consistent way.

15th September 2017

The Toronto Film Festival plays host to the international premiere of "Sergio & Sergei"
The film"s premiere saw the actor Ron Perlman attend

Last Saturday saw “Sergio & Sergei” make its world premiere as part of the Contemporary World Cinema official section at the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) with Ron Perlman in attendance. The film sees him play Peter, the American journalist who helps the two protagonists.

The film tells the story of Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut left stranded in a Mir space station after the fall of the Soviet bloc. Sergei manages to make contact with Sergio, an amateur radio enthusiast and Cuban philosophy teacher and an American journalist. Both try to get the big super-powers to put aside their ideological differences to find a solution to the cosmonaut’s situation. The new film is, according to its, “a tragi-comedy of the absurd, an unlikely journey which brought two people who were down and out together at the end of the cold war”.

Tomás Cao (Sergio) and Héctor Noas (Serguéi) star in the film, which also features a special guest appearance from the legendary American actor Ron Perlman and is co-written by Ernesto Daranas and Marta Daranas. Perlman, who in addition is also one of the film’s executive producers, is famous films such as “Hellboy” and “The name of the rose” and series such as “The Beauty and the Beast” and “Sons of anarchy”.

“Sergio & Sergei” is a MEDIAPRO, RTV Comercial and Cuban Institute of Film and Arts (ICAIC) and will be distributed internationally by WestEnd Films.

15th September 2017

MEDIAPRO to manage IBC during Pope Francis" visit to Colombia
The IBC is responsible for the reception, editing, administration and dissemination of all information and audiovisual content generated by the visit

The MEDIAPRO Group will be responsible for managing the IBC (International Broadcast Center) through its Colombian offices during Pope Francis’ first official visit to the country this coming September 6 to 10. The International Broadcast Center will be located in the city of Bogota and equipped to offer all available services. In addition, representatives of accredited media can access the facilities of the International Media Center throughout the visit from Wednesday September 6 until Sunday 10 whose headquarters will be located at the Hotel Tequendama.

The IBC will be responsible for the reception, editing, administration and dissemination of all information and audiovisual content generated as a result of the live events throughout Pope Francis’ visit to Colombia. Content broadcast by way of the multi-destination signal will be introduced directly from those generated and delivered by the official production team in each city on the visit (Bogota, Villavicencio, Medellin and Cartagena).

For this, the IBC will be equipped with the sufficient structure, technical production and team of professionals required to ensure the content is correctly relayed to the master multi-destination signal and subsequently to the varying distribution channels.

All the material generated live, edited and pre-recorded will eventually be delivered to the public via the multi-destination by satellite and the Internet via streaming.

15th September 2017

"Atrápame si puedes" brings together the presenters of the four different programmes on the regional networks in Vitoria
To mark the premiere of the Madrid regional TV version of the successful MEDIAPRO show, the FesTVal in Vitoria played host to a get-together of all the show"s regional presenters

With the new season upon us, “Atrápame si puedes” is back with new shows and a premiere for the MEDIAPRO original format on Telemadrid. ETB2 with Patxi Alonso; Aragón TV with Iñaki Urrutia and IB3 with Llum Barrera are joined by Luis Larrodera, who is set to present the show in the capital.

“Atrápame si puedes” is an easy-to-follow, fun show in which contestants get the chance to win cash prizes without being experts in Particle Physics. Since its launch in 2014 on the Basque regional channel ETB-2, the show created by Hostoil (MEDIAPRO Group) has seen impressive audience figures. Three seasons of uninterrupted success which has allowed the show to be exported to other regions of Spain. Last season, “Atrápame si puedes” opened up new “franchises” on the regional channels in Aragon and the Balearic Islands and this season sees a new show premiere in Madrid.

“Atrápame si puedes” is one of the most popular shows on the regional networks where it is broadcast. Especially, on ETB2, where it first launched and where it averages a 13.1% share, on Aragón TV, it enjoys an average share of 9.7%.

Premiere on Telemadrid

The presenter and stand-up comedian Luis Larrodera is set to be at the helm in the Madrid regional channel edition, which, like the other versions, will be a fun show full of entertainment for all the family.

From the middle of September, every week will see five contestants take part in “Atrápame si puedes” with them having to get through different rounds of questions in an all-against-all format in pairs and then individually. The final prize is a jackpot which goes up at the end of every day.

“Atrápame si puedes” is classic question and answer quiz-show in which the contestants play for cash prizes every day with the winner taking home sizeable amounts depending on his knowledge and game strategy.

Patxi Alonso launches new season

The first regional channel to launch the new season was ETB2 with Patxi Alonso presenting with its initial show on the 4th September kicking off what is the 4th season of show and which has become the number choice for Basque viewers in the show’s broadcast slot at lunch-times. True to its identity, the show is back full of fun and entertainment, off-beat questions and an impressive jackpot prize which is set to rise to 50,000€ in the first week.

Alongside the daily editions, the quiz-show will also be back with its special “Atrápame si puedes Finde” weekend shows. Shows full of fun and good humour featuring some of the very best contestants from over the years going on to answer questions about music will be some of the new features for the upcoming season.

The Hostoil quiz-show closed out the third season setting new audience records with a best ever 13.3% share and 60,000 viewers, a 41% improvement on the previous season. Despite the challenging TV market, the quiz-show continues to attract viewers and is currently 5.7% over the channel average share in what is one of the most competitive broadcast slots.

New set for Aragon and the Balearic Islands

Over the new season, Aragon and the Balearic versions will feature bigger and more modern-looking sets which will help them continue on the success they enjoyed in their first seasons.

In addition to have given away more than 200,000 euros in prizes, the show on Aragón TV has been a huge hit right from the start. The programme presented by the stand-up comic Iñaki Urrutia, which also kicked off the new season on the 4th September, has averaged 9.4% since its launch. Its best ever figures were recorded on the 14th April with a 20% share. Given its excellent initial figures, the show quickly moved into the prime-time slot. In total, 335 contestants have appeared on the Aragonese version of the show with more than 33,000 questions asked.

The Balearic version of the show, “Agafa’m si pots”, presented by the actress and journalist Llum Barrera has consolidated its slot on the regional network becoming the fastest growing entertainment programme on IB3. The quiz-show, which aired throughout the summer, closed out it first season with an average audience of 4.8%, 1.5% over the channel average (3.3%). More than a hundred people have taken part in “Agafa’m si pots”, with more than 30,000 euros given away in prizes.

15th September 2017

Barcelona Games World kicks off the Superliga Orange Clash Royale and League of Legends tournaments
The video-game event is set to play host to the first competitions of the most exciting season in League of Legends history

Three months on from crowning the champions at Gamergy, the Professional Video-game League (LVP), part of the MEDIAPRO Group, is back with the launch of what is set to be the most exciting season in Spanish e-sports history. In addition to League of Legends and Call of Duty, this season also sees two regular seasons of Clash Royale and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). All of which apart from the Valve-produced game, will feature in the Barcelona Games World (BGW), the big video-game show-case which is set to run from the 5th to the 8th October.

The League of Legends season kicks off at the BGW with a live event which sees the 8 teams from the Superliga Orange taking part. The highlight of the day will be the clash between the current national champions ThunderX3 Baskonia and KIYF, last season’s runners-up. The summer has seen, however, big shake-ups to both teams’ squads.

After the Barcelona Games World, League of Legends will be back to its usual schedule: Mondays and Tuesdays, with two matches each day (19:30 and 21:30). It is set to be an exciting, fast-moving season, over seven matches with teams to scrap for every point if they want to be in the Superliga Orange finals which take place in December at the Gamergy event.

The Spanish Clash Royale Community will also have their eyes on the Barcelona Games World as it sees the launch of the Superliga Orange Supercell game season. Two games from the first round of matches will be played live at the event with another three being played online and which can be seen the LVP broadcast platforms.

Sunday is Clash Royale day in the LVP and after Barcelona Games World, every Sunday afternoon will see a Clash Royale national league round of matches, which this season will also copy the League of Legends format: just nine games and the need to win matches right from the start if you want to be at the Superliga Orange Finals in December at Gamergy.

La Copa bids farewell to a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The first ever edition of la Copa Call of Duty is set to reach its finale at the Barcelona Games World. Two semi-finals and the grand final which will see the champions crowned for a competition which kicked off at the end of August in the PlayStation League and which has provided amateur players with a chance to dream of winning the tournament.

A special competition making its debut this season as it is set to bid farewell to the Infinite Warfare era. The Copa Call of Duty will be the last professional competition in Spain to play host to the Infinite Warfare platform before the launch of Call of Duty: WWII.

Both the final of the Copa as well as the different Clash Royale and League of Legends competitions will take place in a perfect setting which sees an increase in viewing capacity taking it to 1,700 people who will be able to watch the event. The amphitheatre is set to be the epi-centre of the electronic sports world for the duration of the Barcelona Games World event.

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