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11st January 2018

TV3 premieres the documentary "1-O", a chronical of what happened on the 1st October and the days after the Catalan independence referendum
A MEDIAPRO production written and directed by Llus Arcarazo

“Sense ficció” on TV3 is set to premiere “1-O”, the documentary directed and written by Lluís Arcarazo and produced by MEDIAPRO.

On the 6th September 2017, the Catalan regional government called a referendum on the independence of Catalonia. Despite going ahead with the vote being banned by the Spanish government, on a wet 1st October, the vote went ahead in a particularly hostile atmosphere with thousands of people going to vote. “1-O” is a chronical of what happened on that terrible yet unforgettable day in which more than two million people fought peacefully for their right to decide their own future.

11st January 2018

Ten teams and a full home-and-away season in the lead-up to Gamergy: the Clash Royale CS:GO Superliga Orange is back
The two pro competitions organised by the Professional Video-game League (MEDIAPRO Group) kick off at the end of January beginning of February

With the image of KPI Gaming and Hunters eSports lifting the trophy still fresh in the memory at Gamergy, the Professional Video-game League (LVP) has announced the dates of this year’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Clash Royale Superliga Orange dates. The Valve created game will kick off on the 31st January with the Supercell game launching on the 4th February.

This year sees both the national competitions share the same the format and number of teams. If last year Clash Royale already featured 10 teams, this season also sees CS:GO match them and going all out for the KPI Gaming trophy, with The G-Lab Penguins and G2 Vodafone also joining the Superliga Orange. The Superliga Clash Royale competition also welcomes Valencia CF eSports, fresh from there hard-earnt promotion from last season.

The format of the new Superliga Orange, both for CS:GO and Clash Royale, is set for some changes this time round. The competition is back to the full home and away format with 18 match-days before Gamergy. A long season awaits with teams having the chance to make amends for early lapses and adapt new circumstances. The only difference between the two competitions is that 8 Clash Royale teams will qualify for the finals at Gamergy, with only four teams in CS:GO making through to the finals, like last year.

Sunday will continue to be Superliga Orange Clash Royale day. In addition, the LVP is set to keep the successful “Head-to-Head” format, which sees two teams every match-day battle it out live on stage at the MEDIAPRO Group HQ in Barcelona. CS:GO, will continue to centre-stage mid-week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

League of Legends: Tenerife, 28th January

The Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife is the chosen venue for the launch of the new League of Legends season. The 28th January sees the 8 best teams in Spain kick off the Riot Games created game season with everybody out to beat the current champions, Giants Only The Brave.

The giants, with an almost entirely new line-up kick off the defence of the title which they won only a few weeks ago at Gamergy. MAD Lions E.C., last year’s losing finalist, as well as ASUS ROG Army and Movistar Riders, who were right there in the mix at the IFEMA Madrid event, start among the favourites to try to take the Giants’ national crown from them.

About LVP

The Professional Video-game League- LVP is the biggest e-sports league in Spain, with more than 250,000 registered players, leading the sector with both online and live competitions. It runs the country’s most prestigious tournaments (Superliga Orange), competitions and other amateur events (ArenaGG) as well as distributing international events in Spanish such as the League of Legends Championship Series (c) and Call of Duty (c) World League. The LVP, backed by the MEDIAPRO Group, also covers gaming technology services, event production, advertising and audiovisual production and all the other aspects of the e-sports eco-system.

11st January 2018

"Agafa"m si pots" night-time version now on air
The game-show on IB3 has just launched its prime-time Saturday slot featuring some of the high-profile contestants from last year"s shows

The quiz-show presented by Llum Barrera, “Agafa’m si pots”, by the MEDIAPRO Group, launched its new version in the prime-time slot on the 6th January. “Agafa’m si pots NIT” will feature more challenges, a bigger final jackpot which will also see some of the best contestants from over the year take part.

The new hour-long show will air every Saturday at 21.00, on IB3 Televisió. Analysing the excellent figures posted in the early-afternoon version, which averaged a 5% share over the last season, the show is expected to be a big hit with audiences. The afternoon version has updated its graphics package for this new season with the show guaranteed a run until summer 2018.

“Agafa’m si pots” also produced Christmas fund-raising specials which featured famous faces from across the network such as Toni Terrades, Xavier García and Virginia Galiano (the channel’s news-readers), Melisa Aliaga from “El Temps”, Pedro Carbonell, Jaume Coll and Miquel Calent, the presenters of different entertainment shows on IB3; and the actresses Laura Pons, Esther López and Queralt Albinyana. The final 1,000€ jackpot, won by the girls’ team, went to a series of different associations and charitable organisations which are based on the islands and which do stand-out work in helping the disadvantaged.

11st January 2018

"La Extra", the game-show which features companies in Aragon, back with a bang on Aragn TV
The show, presented by Iaki Urrutia, starts the new season in a gym in Saragossa

“La Extra”, the fun game-show presented by Iñaki Urrutia, is back going inside companies in the region. The show produced by the MEDIAPRO Group notched up impressive viewing figures, over 12% in some instalments in its first season and averaging more than 50,000 viewers.

Every Tuesday at 21:30 “La Extra” will be back hunting down: offices, hair-dresser’s, restaurants, mechanic’s, gyms ...just about any company willing to let the cameras come in. The programme sets out to find three employees willing to nominate their boss to face a series of different fun challenges. The person who is capable of winning out in the face of a series of tests involving questions, jokes, songs, sayings will pick up a juicy bonus.

In the first programme, which airs on the 9th January, the workers at a gym in Saragossa will be the stars of the show. We’ll also meet Alfred, the centre manager, who defines himself as a “Jack of all trades”, who’s up for anything. He’s accompanied by David, one of the youngest members of team and Pilar, a 54-year old swimming coach.

11st January 2018

MEDIAPRO provides broadcast services for coverage of the San Silvestre Vallecana for Telemadrid
More than 50 staff from companies across the Group took part in the production

The last three years has seen Mediatem, with support from Eumóvil, Overon, wTVvision and the MEDIAPRO special camera department, provide broadcast coverage of the 2017 San Silvestre Vallecana 2017 for Telemadrid.

The channel’s Sports Team, headed by Javier Callejo, was at the helm for the three hours of broadcasts with reports at all the key spots along the route. The programme provided constant race coverage of Fernando Timón, a sports reporter and presenter for Telemadrid, who was equipped with a microphone and gave updates of his progress over the course of the race.

The broadcast kicked off at 17:15 covering the entire race and finished at 20:30 with the interviews with the race winners with Eric Kiptanui setting a new race record with 27:34 minutes.

The rain didn’t stop the more than 50 MEDIAPRO staff from providing comprehensive coverage of the race from all the key landmarks and the combination of helicopter, camera car, a quad car, three motor-bikes, RF broadcast systems and 4G systems, supplied a complete package from end-to-end via the different companies from across the Group. The effort was repaid with impressive audience figures with the broadcast being the most watched show over the day on Telemadrid: 119,000 and a 7.3% share.

11st January 2018

Boca Juniors to install Automatic TV technology
The system created by MEDIAPRO is capable of producing sporting events in HD automatically

Mediapro Argentina has reached an agreement with Boca Juniors to install Automatic TV technology in its main training ground, taking another step forward in its strategy of investing in new technologies. The club sets out to use the video tool for analysing first team training sessions and matches which take place on the training pitches involving the B team. 

The system installed features an Automatic TV master premium camera which includes 5 cameras located strategically around the training ground and synched up to be able to view and record different aspects of training sessions and matches.

Automatic TV, created by MEDIAPRO, is a system which is capable of producing coverage of sporting events in high resolution entirely automatically without human intervention. It provides a comprehensive audiovisual solution which allows clients to plan, share, record and store training and match content, reducing costs and also opening up the possibility of reaching new audiences and sponsors.

Automatic TV features a multi-cam system with different camera positions, a sound recording system and a server which facilitates the recording and live broadcasts of the sessions via streaming. The software also includes a multi-video editing system which allows operators to highlight sections of the production, create “best of” packages quickly and simply, zoom in and out as well as allowing coaching staff to watch whole sessions or matches through as many times as needed. Automatic TV represents a big step forward in terms of technology, 42 LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1|2|3 teams are already using the technical analysis tool.

PromTV, a Mediapro Argentina company, is the official distributor of Automatic TV for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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