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22nd May 2017

Two new exciting MEDIAPRO projects set for the international stage
"The New Pope" by Paolo Sorrentino is slated to start filming shortly for HBO and "Fe de etarras" by Borja Cobeaga due to begin shooting for Netflix

Two new big MEDIAPRO projects are set for the international stage on HBO and Netflix, with filming slated to get underway shortly with Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino and the Spanish director Borja Cobeaga.

“The New Pope”

The New Pope, created and directed by Academy Award Winner director Paolo Sorrentino, will go into production late next year in Italy. The screenplay is being written by Paolo Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello and marks Sorrentino's second limited series set in the world of the modern Papacy.

The New Pope, a joint production between SKY and HBO, will be produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Wildside in co-production with Mediapro. The international distributor is FremantleMedia International. Casting for the role of the new Pope, as well as additional roles, will soon be underway. More information will be provided when available.

“Fe de etarras”

Netflix, the number one online entertainment platform, continues to invest in European productions and has recently announced the start of filming of its second original Spanish production, “Fe de etarras”. MEDIAPRO is producing the film which will premiere simultaneously in the 190 countries where Netflix operates.

“Fe de etarras” is directed by Borja Cobeaga (“Negociador”, “No controles”), and written with the help of Diego San José (“Ocho apellidos vascos”, “Ocho apellidos catalanes”) and stars Javier Cámara, Julián López, Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa, with special guest appearances from Tina Sáinz and Ramón Barea.

The action takes place in the hot summer of 2010 in a provincial capital in Spain. A peculiar and dysfunctional ETA commando made up of a veteran fighter who's itching to show he's braver than everyone thinks (Javier Cámara), a couple who will only be together as long as the terrorist group remains intact (Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa) and a Castilian who thinks joining the commando will turn him into Chuck Norris (Julián López) are holed up in a flat waiting for orders, that appear never to come, to jump into action. Meanwhile, the Spanish national team wins the World Cup in South Africa, sending the whole country into delirium…

PHOTO: Javier Méndez (head of production at MEDIAPRO) and Paolo Sorrentino (creator and director of “The New Pope”).

22nd May 2017

"Hacking Justice", the MEDIAPRO fly-on-the-wall production that goes behind the scenes in the Julian Assange case, to be presented at DocsBarcelona
The documentary tells the inside story of his lawyers" fight to get the arrest warrant withdrawn from the founder of WikiLeaks, an event which was announced by the Swedish state prosecutor last Friday

One day before the world premiere of “Hacking Justica” at the DocsBarcelona Festival, the Swedish state prosecutor Marianne Ny announced at a press conference that she was withdrawing the arrest warrant against Julian Assange and is set to close the investigation and reduce the charge.

The documentary by the directors Clara López Rubio and Juan Pancorbo draws on unprecedented access to the WikiLeaks founder’s legal team and its fight to get the case in Sweden thrown out. In the film produced by MEDIAPRO, Baltasar Garzón, the defence team coordinator, insists on trying to get the Swedish prosecution to come to London to interrogate his client, in the Ecuadorean Embassy where he has been since the South American country gave him political asylum in 2012. The lawyers search for ways that would allow Assange to face trial which renouncing his right to asylum and they ask the Swedish state prosecutor Ny to move forward in her investigation which on Friday saw her finally decide to withdraw after seven years.

Although Assange was never formally accused, in 2010 the Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny issued an arrest warrant for the Australian in order to be able to interrogate him as part of a preliminary investigation into a possible rape. Assange has already left Stockholm with the consent of the prosecutor and was in the UK, where he started a long, drawn-out court case to avoid being extradited back to Sweden. The chief editor of Wikileaks always claimed his innocence, but feared that Sweden would just be a stopping-point on his way to be extradited to the USA, where he is also under investigation for leaking highly sensitive information.

The Swedish prosecutor’s decision doesn’t mean that Julian Assange will be able to immediately work out of the Ecuadorean Embassy. The threat of extradition to the United States still remains for espionage and computer fraud. British police are also reminding him that he could be arrested if he leaves the embassy as he broke the terms of his house arrest walking into the embassy. However, Friday’s news is big win for this legal team led by Baltasar Garzón. A victory whose back story can be seen in the documentary which is set to screened for the first time at the Docs Barcelona event.

“Hacking Justice” is a Spanish-German production from MEDIAPRO and Inselfilm (Berlin) with the participation of Canal Sur and WDR (Germany) and with the support of Canal Historia, RTBF (Belgium), and TSR (Switzerland).

22nd May 2017

Mediaurban, to commission for the Selangor Smart City International Conference 2017
The event is set to take place in September in the state of Selangor (Malaysia)

Mediaurban will working closely with Invest Selangor Bhd in the organisation of the upcoming Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Convention, which will take place in the Malaysian city from the 7th to the 9th September. The collaboration agreement was signed this week in Petaling Jaya, a city close to Kuala Lumpur. Mediaurban has agreed to be the Congress commissioner, selecting themes and world experts to talk on the chosen subjects.

The convention, which sets out to become the leading event in its sector in the region, with the objective of exploring how smart technologies both digital and ecological and future commerce are revolutionising and transforming cities around the world. The event will feature conferences, round-table discussions, workshops and a series of parallel events, etc. With space for more than 500 stands, it is expecting to receive more than 3,000 attendees and more than 50 sector leaders from smart cities such as Barcelona, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Qatar, the U.K., India, China and the USA.

Based in Barcelona, Mediaurban is a MEDIAPRO Group company specialising in cities and urban innovation with a particular interest in smart cities, urban strategy, city branding and digital experience.

22nd May 2017

"Offside" travels to Marseille to find out about the history and future of Olympique on beIN LaLiga
The programme is set to analyse the future of the club with the help of its current sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta

beIN LaLiga premieres a new instalment of “Offside” with exciting stories from the world of football. In the new episode of “Offside” travels to the French port city of Marseille to get the back-story behind the connection between the city and Olympique, one of the strongest links between a city and its football club. As a consequence of its mix of races and social inequality, it makes the relationship unique in France and the club has become one of the principal outlets of Marseillean pride.

“Offside” will take an in-depth look at the history of the club, its role in the city and the intensity and passion of its fans in a city of 800,000 inhabitants and with the largest number of followers in France. In addition, with the help of its current sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, the programme will take a look at the future of the club, recently acquired by American investor Frank McCourt.

In addition, “Offside” will also delve into the story of Dani Benítez, who in his playing days for Granada CF was suspended for two years for cocaine consumption. In February 2016, he was back playing and at the age of 30 looking to relaunch his footballing career.

Viewers will be able to watch the new instalment of "Offside" at different times over the course of the week.

22nd May 2017

wTVision now covering motorsports in the United States
The graphics created by the MEDIAPRO Group company are being used in the MotoAmerica series which has just got underway

wTVision graphics are now being used for the MotoAmerica series, the States' most important motorsports competition. The company specialising in the design and real-time graphics broadcasting, has been managing the service for the race series since April, with coverage of the first race of the season at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

Covering the entire race season from April to September with the last race taking place in Birmingham (Alabama), wTVision will be on hand at all the races providing cutting-edge graphics for the TV race coverage with its MotorStats CG software, a wTVision product which is adaptable to sporting events of this type. The application features an inter-connection exploration capability for motor-racing and a system of on air graphics broadcasting, as well as being able to seamlessly integrate with scoreboards and official timers for precise information broadcast. Via its graphics package, operators are able to manage race standings in real time and integrate the system with the official race timings in the TV broadcast produced by Imagina US for beIN Sports.

wTVision is a leading sports stats and real-time graphics provider covering more than 40 sports around the world. The MEDIAPRO enjoys a proven track record of graphics support for live motorsports broadcasting with its provision of graphics services for the Vodafone Rally of Portugal.

22nd May 2017

Mediapro Brands organised the "thyssenkrupp challenge" which saw celebrities take each other on at tennis
A special event which took place on the escalators and in the lifts at Chamartín Underground station

Two top tennis stars, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Martín de La Puente, took part in a unique event organised and produced by Mediapro Brands for thyssenkrupp. The third “thyssenkrupp challenge" ended with a narrow 7-6 win for Juan Carlos Ferrero, a tighter than expected win as a consequence of the excellent play displayed by Martín De La Puente.

Both players took different routes to get to the court with one using one of the 315 thyssenkrupp lifts in the Madrid Underground, with the other player coming down one the 1.100 escalators which cover 16.5 km underground. Juan Carlos Ferrero warmed up using several escalators with Martín de la Puente using a panoramic-view lift.

This was the third "Man v Machine" challenge, which got underway last July with a race between the leaning lift in Getxo and the Paralympian Dani Molina and was followed by the football challenge which saw Julio Salinas and Rafael Martín Vázquez up against the escalators in Montjuic, Barcelona.

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