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24th March 2017

"Hacking Justice", a MEDIAPRO production about Julian Assange"s defence team led by Baltasar Garzón, is set to premiere at DocsBarcelona
The documentary goes behind the scenes of the defence team"s court preparations for the case without precedent with privileged access to the protagonists and the insides of the Ecuadorian Embassy

“Hacking Justice” (“El juez y el rebelde”), produced by the MEDIAPRO Group, is set to make its debut in the official section at the upcoming Docsbarcelona International Documentary Film Festival, which is to take place from the 18th to the 28th May. With privileged fly-on-the-wall access to the protagonists and the Ecuadorian Embassy, the documentary charts the fight by the Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón to get Sweden to withdraw its European arrest warrant against the founder of Wikileaks.

The Spanish law-maker has been leading Assange’s team of lawyers since 2012. In “Hacking Justice” viewers get an insider look into the defence’s team’s preparations for a case which has no historical precedent, which has to rely on large amounts of imagination, knowledge and courage to open up new frontiers. One of the specific characteristics of this unique case is the involvement of 6 countries (Australia, Sweden, the UK, Ecuador, Switzerland, and the USA), plus the EU jurisdiction as well as the UN and two very different legal systems: ‘Common Law’, which is inspired by Anglo-Saxon law and Roman law which is the backbone of the Spanish and Ecuadorian legal systems.

Baltasar Garzón and Julian Assange take centre-stage in the documentary, with unique footage from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, moments of real tension and suffering and the gradual decline of Assange, who is forced to live a space no bigger than 30 m2. But viewers also get to see the meetings of the his team of lawyers, their journeys around the world, and the diplomatic offensive, with testimony from Michael Ratner, Assange’s lawyer in the USA, Renata Ávila, a Guatemalan lawyer specialising in Human Rights, Sarah Harrisson, investigations director at Wikileaks and Ricardo Patiño, the Ecuadorian Foreign Secretary.

The back-story is the fight for the control of information, the influence of the intelligence services, the lack of transparency, the function of the mass media and the delicate balance between individual rights and state security. The upcoming election on the 2nd April in Ecuador will decide Assange’s future, with the possibility of being forced to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy and probable extradition to the USA hanging over him.

Clara López Rubio, film director and historian, and Juan Pancorbo, a journalist and translator, co-direct the documentary produced by MEDIASUR (MEDIAPRO Group) and Inselfilm (Berlin) in co-production with Canal Sur and WDR and with the support of the History Channel, RTBF, VRT and TSR.

24th March 2017

GOL adds the World Padel Tour to its programme schedule
GOL and World Padel Tour have reached an agreement to broadcast free-to-air the best men"s and women"s padel tennis in the world

Padel tennis fans are in for a treat. The desire to see the best padel tennis tournaments from around the world on television is set to become reality in the next few days. World Padel Tour will be broadcast free-to-air around Spain, thanks to the agreement signed between the professional circuit and GOL. The sports network will provide coverage of the semi-finals and the finals of the Open and Master tournaments from the World Padel Tour.

The weekend is for the very best padel tennis coverage

Saturday and Sunday mornings will see padel on GOL with coverage of the very best men’s and women’s professional competitions. From 10 to 2, live coverage of two semi-finals from both categories and the two finals will be shown.

The commentary team includes Lalo Alzueta, Nacho Palencia and Darío Magro, padel tennis sports reporters with a proven track record covering the sport. They will be joined on GOL by some of the world’s leading coaches and best men and women players.

In addition, the World Padel Tour will also increase its global reach via match streaming on the http://www.worldpadeltour.com website.

The season is set to kick off this coming week in Santander and will visit twenty cities in seven different countries finishing up in Madrid with the Master Final.

The agreement, presented at the WPT Gala evening

The news was announced as part of the Gala Presentation for the 2017 World Padel Tour season by the circuit director, Mario Hernando, which also saw the attendees receive a surprise welcome from a recent GOL signing, the commentator, Manolo Lama.

The coverage of the World Padel Tour on GOL is another welcome addition to the network’s programme schedule and a further step in its quest to be the benchmark free-to-air sports channel in Spain. Padel tennis joins other sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, motor-sports, contact sports and many more adventure and action sports already aired on the network.

24th March 2017

The LVP to be aired on TV via "Neox Games"
The Atresmedia channel programme covers the world of video games and e-sports

The Professional Video-game League (LVP), part of the MEDIAPRO Group, is set to premiere on free to air TV thanks to the agreement signed with Atresmedia and its new show “Neox Games”, a programme specialising in the world of video-games and the growing field of electronic sports.

Premiered on the 19th March, “Neox Games” is set to air on Sunday mornings and features several sections devoted entirely to e-sports including a weekly round-up of the competitions organised by the LVP.

With the help of a host of e-sports pundits all known to video-game fans, the Atresmedia Televisión programme will cover all the latest news and events from the gamer world with weekly reports from with the e-sports world, interviews with celebrities from the gamer world, a starter manual for beginners as well as prize draws with maximum viewer interaction.

One of the key events on the LVP calendar, as well as on the Atresmedia channel, is the final of the ECI League of Legends Cup which is set to be held the weekend of the 27th May. The competition finals of the knockout tournament are set to be one big e-sports party with the key matches being shown live on TV via “Neox Games”.

In addition to the TV programme, “Neox Games” is setting out to become the benchmark on Atresmedia for everything connected with video-games and e-sports.

24th March 2017

New season"s best viewing figures for "La Báscula" on Canal Sur Televisión
The programme is the longest running hit prime-time show on Canal Sur Televisión

The show which promotes healthy life-style habits and safe weight-loss programmes notched up a 12.1% share last Sunday, the best figures for the last three months and a new season’s best.

Last Sunday saw more than 1,110,000 viewers from Andalusia tune into “La Báscula”. The programme was watched by an average of 324,000 viewers, a sure sign of the show’s popularity in the region.

The programme, which has been on air for three months this season, provided a 3.7%-point boost to Canal Sur’s share and which saw a 11.7% share over the course of the day. Canal Sur Televisión was the most watched regional channel last Sunday and saw its best Sunday figures since March 2015. The reach of “La Báscula” this season has climbed to 43.7%, which means that at least 3,531,000 people in the region have tuned in at least once.

The peak share from last Sunday’s show came at 24:55 with an impressive 18.1% and the number-one viewer choice across the region. The most-watched minute came at 22:55 with 514,000 viewers. The programme is averaging 10% share over the course of the season with 288,000 viewers.

After more than 150 programmes broadcast over five seasons, the healthy life-style programme produced by Mediasur is the longest running prime-time show on the regional network with channel-best audience figures.

24th March 2017

Mediapro Brands produces "Oikos, un beso de película" for Danone
Daniel Sánchez Arévalo directs the brand"s first film-making venture

Mediapro Brands has recently produced Danone’s first film-making venture of one its brands in Spain. The new “Oikos, un beso de película” campaign directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and starring Inma Cuesta and Quim Gutiérrez revolves around three central tenets: film-quality production, user-friendly and a big online impact.

“Un beso de película” highlights the similarities between the feelings produced by a kiss and the first taste of the Oikos yogurt. Mediapro Brands produced the different campaign formats, short-length film and conventional ad campaign.

Follow the link to see the campaign: https://www.besodepelicula.com

24th March 2017

"La Batalla de las Tapas" to be aired in prime-time on Aragón TV on the 30th March
The MEDIAPRO programme is the region"s biggest cooking competition ever

The search is on for Aragon’s best “tapa” and what better place to start than Pilar Square in Saragossa. One of the region’s most emblematic back-drops will play host to the innovative culinary competition. More than 250 cooking teams from around the three provinces that make up the region auditioned for the show with only 24 making the final cut.

Perfectionist, strict and quick to criticise are some of the kinder adjectives to describe Carmen Abad and Toño Rodríguez, two food experts who will be judging the flavour, presentation, originality and fit with the region of the contestants' creations with Nacho Rubio set to present the new food show on the regional network.

Every week, the contestants are set to travel around the region looking for products with which to create their "tapas". Viewers will also get the chance to take a look inside the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the region, who are set to visit the programme and provide some insight into what it takes to earn a much-coveted Michelin star and be among the best chefs in the country.

One of the other key objectives of “La Batalla de las Tapas” is to visit some of the most emblematic bars and restaurants around the region where they serve some of the very best "tapas" and which in many cases are part of the history of the towns and villages they are served in. The task of the contestants is to is to add their own personal touches to the "tapas" and recipes which are part of the culinary history of Aragon. In addition, the programme also sets out to rediscover some of the old recipes from the region which will be reinterpreted by the contestants and given a modern touch.

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