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Y el cine marcha

The cinema was the medium of progress in the 20th Century. In its nearly 115 years of existence it has seen rights achieved which weren’t even considered lost when the first film was made.
The cinema has been since its inception a mirror on reality and an engine for change which has helped to push forward the boundaries of human rights.
Since its creation, Amnesty International has been aware of the importance of cinema as an instrument for change and denouncing human rights violations.
This documentary draws upon the history of the cinema to highlight how it has welcomed every new advance in human rights as well as accepting  its responsibility to denounce continued human rights violations which in turn has been the raison d’être of Amnesty International since its foundation.



Director Manuel Huerga
Scriptwriter Nuria Vidal
Narrator Antonio Banderas
Editing Pablo Montes
Image and sound postproduction Molinare
Films rights Plus-Music
Producer Jaume Roures
Executive Producers Bernat Elias / Teia Roures
Production Elena Garcia
Management of Intellectual Property Rights Lourdes Hernández – Amanda Bohning / PLUSMUSIC Clearance Length: 70 minutes
Language: Spanish


Y el cine marcha
Manuel Huerga
Jaume Roures
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