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Camino, a sweet and pretty 11-year old girl, is close to death in her room in hospital. Surrounded by family, friends, priests and a host of medical staff, she provides everybody with an almost supernatural example of serenity and happiness.  In an atmosphere of absolute holiness and when it appears that her death is inevitable, something extraordinary occurs in the room. Based on a true story, Camino is an emotional adventure revolving round an amazing 11-year old girl who is facing up to two completely new events for her: falling in love and dying. Camino is, above all, a shining light capable of brightening up any room and no matter what she faces nothing can defeat her desire for life, love and her feelings of lasting happiness.



Director Javier Fesser
Scriptwriter Javier Fesser
Producer Luis Manso, Jaume Roures
Executive producers Luis Manso, Javier Méndez
Director of photography Alex Catalán A.E.C
Artistic Director Alex Macarrón
Director of production Marina Ortiz Lenoir-Grand
Music Rafa Arnau, Mario Gosalvéz
Editing Javier Fesser
Visual effects supervisor Ferrán Piquer
Costume design Tatiana Hernández
Special effects Raúl Romanillos
Make-up Almudena Fonseca
Hair styling Martha Marín
Sound José Mª Bloch
Sound Mixer James Muñoz



Camino Nerea Camacho
Gloria Carmen Elias
José Mariano Venancio
Nuria Manuela Vellés
Inés Ana Gracia
Tía Marita Lola Casamayor
Cuco Lucas Manzano
D. Miguel Angel Pepe Ocio
Begoña Claudia Otero
D.Luis Jordi Dauder
Mr.Meebles Emilio Gavira
Elena Miriam Raya




Short-listed for Official Section at the San Sebastián International Film Festival 2008

Gaudí Awards
Best european Film

José M. Forqué Awards
Best Film

Goya Awards
Best Film
Best Director (Javier Fesser)
Best Original Screenplay (Javier Fesser)
Best Actress in a Lead Role (Carme Elías)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jordi Dauder)
Best Debut Actress (Nerea Camacho)
Nominated Best Special Effects (Raúl Romanillos, Arturo Balseiro and Ferran Piquer)
Unión de Actores Awards
Best Actress in a Lead Role (Mariano Venancio)
Best Actress (Carme Elías)
Best Actor in a supporting role (Jordi Dauder)
Best Actress in a supporting role (Lola Casamayor)
Nominated Best Actor in a supporting role (Pepe Ocio)
Nominated Best Actress in a supporting role (Ana Gracia)

Sant Jordi (RNE) Awards
Best Film
Best Actress in a Lead Role (Carme Elías)

V La Solana Film Festival
Best Debut Actress (Nerea Camacho)

Cartelera Turia Awards
Special Turia Award
Best Actress in a Lead Role (Carme Elías)
Audience Award for the Best Spanish Film

Festival Latin Beat de Tokio
Best Director (Javier Fesser)

Semana del Cine y de la Imagen (Scife)
Best Actress (Carme Elías and Nerea Camacho)
Butaca Awards
Best Catalan Film
Best Catalan Actress (Carme Elias)

The New York Latin Press Association
Best Debut Actress (Nerea Camacho)

Javier Fesser
Luis Manso
Jaume Roures
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