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On 2nd March 1974, the young militant from the “Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación”, Salvador Puig Antich, became the last political prisoner to be garroted in Spain. This is his story and the desperate attempts of his family, colleagues and lawyers to put a stop to his execution.   



Director Manuel Huerga
Script Lluís Arcarazo
Producer Jaume Roures
Executive producer Stephen Margolis, Javier Méndez
Delegate producer Albert Martínez
Director of Production Bernat Elias
Director of photography David Omedes
Original music Lluís Llach
Artistic Director Antxón Gómez
Editing Aixalà, Santy Borricón
Sound Alastair Widgery, James Muñoz
Wardrobe María Gil
Make-up Caitlin Acheson
Hair styling Mara Collazo Smoris



Salvador Puig Antich Daniel Brühl
Oriol Arau Tristán Ulloa
Jesús Leonardo Sbaraglia
Cuca Leonor Watling
Margalida Ingrid Rubio
Padre Salvador Celso Bugallo
Policía BPS (1) Joaquim Climent
Policía BPS (2) Antonio Dechent
Paco Carlos Fuentes
Oriol Joel Joan
Montse Puig Bea Segura
Inma Puig Olalla Escribano
Carme Puig Carlota Olcina
Merçona Puig Andrea Ros
José Luis Biel Durán
Marian Aida Folch




Short-listed by the Spanish Film Academy for the Best Foreign Film category for the Oscars

Preselected for the European Academy Awards

Short-listed for:
59th Cannes Film Festival 2006, “Un Certain Regard” section

11th Spanish Cinema Film Festival in Toulouse and Midi Pyrénées:
Audience Award

Ondas 2005
Cinemanía Best Film of the Year Award

Goya Awards
Best Adapted Screenplay (Lluís Arcarazo)
Nominated for Best Film
Nominated for Best Direction (Manuel Huerga)
Nominated for Best Original Soundtrack (Lluís Llach)
Nominated for Best Director of Photography (David Omedes)
Nominated for Best Editing (Aixalà and Santy Borricón)
Nominated for Best Sound (Alastair Widgery, David Calleja and James Muñoz)
Nominated for Best Line Producer (Bernat Elias)
Nominated for Best Main Actor (Daniel Brühl)
Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Leonardo Sbaraglia)
Nominated for Bests Special Effects (Juan Ramón Molina and Ferran Piquer)

Barcelona Awards by Col•legi de Directors de Cinema de Catalunya
Best Film
Best Direction (Manuel Huerga)
Best Photography (David Omedes)
Best Editing (Aixalà and Santy Borricón)
Best Music (Lluís Llach)
Best Art Direction (Antxón Gómez)
Best Actor (Daniel Brühl)
Nominated for Best Screenplay (Lluís Arcazaro)

Cinema Writers Circle Awards, CEC
Best Screenplay (Lluís Arcarazo)
Nominated for Actor (Daniel Brühl)
Nominated for Editing (Aixalà and Santy Borricón)
Nominated for Music (Lluís Llach)

IX Tirant Awards
Best Spanish Film

Würzburg International Film Weekend
3rd Audience Prize

Spanish Actors Union
Nominated for Best Main Actor (Daniel Brühl)
Nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Ingrid Rubio)

Fotogramas de Plata
Nominated for Best Actor (Daniel Brühl)

Music Awards
Nominated for Best Album (Lluís Llach)

"La Claqueta" Awards from Radio Marca
Best Film of the Year

Ciutat de Barcelona Awards
Best Direction (Manuel Huerga)

XVII Spanish Film Festival in Nantes
Audience Prize

Seattle Film Festival
Best Actor (Daniel Brühl)

DIGITEA07, International Cinema and Television Week
Best Digital Film of the year

Cartelera Turia Awards
Turia Special Award (Manuel Huerga)

22 x don Luis Awards (Calanda, Teruel)
Best Film

Butaca Awards
Best Catalan Film

Manuel Huerga
Jaume Roures
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