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An isolated country house in the mountains. The house had been a shelter for people wishing to do things differently and opt out of society. They wanted to avoid the straitjacket imposed by their peers and create a hang-out where the residents would be able to live out their alternative lifestyles. All this took place back in the 70s. A time when all youngsters longed to live out their dreams, Max and his friends found a house in the mountains, isolated from the outside world. Maybe out of laziness or naivety, the experiment did not work and all the members of the group gradually drifted away. The only one who decided to stay and keep on living the dream was Max. The experience of living together for a weekend now, thirty years on, divorced and with grown-up kids is set to produce some pleasant memories but also some sparks. The excuse for Max’s invitation is to bid farewell to the house, because he has decided to sell it to turn it into a country hotel; but in the case of the old members of the community it will also be an opportunity to remember old times, they spend a night watching super 8 films. The younger members of the commune, who were children at the time, can’t help laughing at how they lived and propose making a “Remake” of the old videos.



Director Roger Gual
Script Roger Gual, Javier Calvo
Executive producer Quique Camín
Director of Production Bet Pujol
Director of Production Bet Pujol
Associate producer Michel Pujol
Director of photography Cobi Migliora
Artistic Director Stephane Carpinelli
Live sound Eva Valiño
Casting Director Xata Estrada
Editing Alberto de Toro
Music Scott Herren



Damián Juan Diego
Patricia Silvia Munt
Alex Eusebio Poncela
Carol Mercedes Morán
Max Mario Paolucci
Ernesto Gustavo Salmerón
Laura Marta Etura
Víctor Juan Navarro



Selected for the Malaga Spanish Film Festival

X Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca:
Best Film, New Directors section
Best Actor (Àlex Brendemühl)

Butaca Awards:
Nominated for Best Film
Nominated for Best Actress (Sílvia Munt)

Roger Gual
Quique Camín
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