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This is the story of two women, two prostitutes, two princesses. One of them is Caye; she is approaching thirty, with a tasteless fringe bestowed upon her by a uncaring hairdresser. Zulema is a princess in need of a country, sweet and obscure, forced to endure the despair of her exile. When they meet, they are in different places, one against the other. A lot of the Spanish girls distrust the arrival of immigrants to the world of prostitution. Caye and Zulema, however, don’t need long time to realize that they’re both walking the same tightrope. From their friendship a story is born. Caye says princesses are so sensitive they can’t live far away from their kingdoms because they would die of sadness. She turns out to be right, because things get increasingly difficult for Zulema, the silences longer and the tightrope ever thinner.



Director Fernando León de Aranoa
Script Fernando León de Aranoa
Executive producer Carlos de Muns
Producer Reposado, Mediapro



Caye Candela Peña
Zulema Micaela Nevárez
Pilar Mariana Cordero
Gloria Llum Barrera
Caren Violeta Pérez
Angela Mónica Van Campen
Rosa Flora Alvárez
Blanca María Ballesteros
Mamen Alejandra Lorente
Manuel Luis Callejo
Funcionario Antonio Durán Morris
Carlos Pere Arquillué
Alicia Pepa Aniorte
Voluntario Alberto Ferreiro
Dueño del bar Enrique Villén




Short-listed by the Spanish Film Academy for the Best Foreign Film category for the Oscars

Preselected for the European Academy Awards

Selected for Sundance Film Festival

Goya Awards
Best Leading Actress (Candela Peña)
Best New Actress (Micaela Nevarez)
Best Original Song (Me llaman Caye by Manu Chao)
Nominated for Best Film
Nominated for Best Screenplay, Original
Nominated for New Actor (Luis Callejo)
Nominated for Best Costume Design
Nominated for Best Make-Up and Hairstyles
Nominated for Best Sound

Ondas 2005
Cinemanía Best Film of the Year Award

XI José María Forqué Awards, EGEDA
Nominated Best Film 2005

VIII Tirant Awards:
Best Spanish Film

Telecinco Award "12 meses, 12 causas"

Spanish Actors Union Lead Performance, Female (Candela Peña)
Performance in a Minor Role, Male (Luis Callejo)
Newcomer Award, Female (Micaela Nevarez)

III Mexico City International Contemporary Film festival, FICCO 2006:
Cinemex Audience Award for Best Fiction Film

Butaca Awards
Best Actress (Candela Peña)

Fernando León de Aranoa
Carlos de Muns
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