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Los lunes al sol

A costal city in the north of Spain, which turned its back on the land and was surrounded by factories which saw it grow faster than it should have, bringing in immigrants and workers from the rest of the country, filling the landscape with chimneys, sharp edges and hopes, a future torn from its roots. A group of men who walk the streets every day looking for a way-out. Living with long-term fear, walking on an economic tight-rope the whole time, with no-one to catch them if they fall and no applause at the end of the performance, jobs with little future but that provide them with a modicum of hope, conversations about everything and nothing that keep up their spirits, provide them with some hope, relaxed as they sit in the sun on a Monday morning.



Director Fernando Len de Aranoa
Script Fernando Len de Aranoa
Director of production Primitivo Alvaro
Director of photography Alfredo Mayo
Sound Pierre Lorrain
Wardrobe Maiki Marn
Assistant production manager Virgilio Esteban
Tailor Graciela Rubio



Santa Javier Bardem
Jos Luis Tosar
Lino Jos ngel Egido
Ana Nieve de Medina
Amador Celso Bugallo




Short-listed for Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film

Short-listed for Sundance Film Festival

Goya Awards
Best Film
Best Direction (Fernando León)
Best Lead Actor (Javier Bardem)
Best Supporting Actor (Luis Tosar)
Best New Actor (José Ángel Egido)
Nominated for Best Original Screenplay
Nominated for Best Editing
Nominated for Best New Actress (Nieve de Medina)

San Sebastian International Film Festival
Golden Seashell (Fernando León)
CEC Award

Cinema Writers Circle Awards
Best Film
Best Director (Fernando León)
Best Original Screenplay (Fernando León and Ignacio del Moral)
Best Actor (Javier Bardem)
Best Supporting Actor (Luis Tosar)
Best Supporting Actress (Nieve de Medina)
Nominated for Best New Actor (Luis Tosar)
Nominated for Best Editing (Nacho Ruiz Capillas)
Nominated for Best Cinematography (Alfredo Mayo)
Nominated for Best Original Score (Lucio Godoy)

Ondas Awards
Best Spanish Film Award

Sant Jordi Awards
Best Spanish Film
Best Spanish Actor (Luis Tosar)

Fotogramas de Plata
Best Film
Best Movie Actor (Javier Bardem)

Spanish Actors Union
Film: Lead Performance, Male (Javier Bardem)
Film: Supporting Performance, Male (Luis Tosar)
Film: Supporting Performance, Female (Nieve de Medina)
Film: Performance in a Minor Role, Male (Joaquin Climent)
Newcomer Award: Female (Nieve de Medina)
Nominated for Newcomer Award: Male (José Ángel Egido)
Nominated for Film: Supporting Performance, Male (José Ángel Egido)

VIII José María Forqué Awards, EGEDA
2002 Best Film

Mestre Mateo Awards
Best Film
Best Actor (Luis Tosar)

XII Turia Awards 2002
Best Spanish Film

V Tirant Awards
Best Spanish Film

VII Music Awards
Best Original Score (Lucio Godoy)

La Navaja de Buñuel Awards, “Versión Española” by TVE
2002 Best Film

Writers Circle Association from Andalusia
2002 Best Film

Gramado Film Festival
Latin Film Competition - Best Film
Latin Film Competition - Best Director (Fernando León)
Latin Film Competition - Best Actor (Javier Bardem)

David di Donatello Awards
Nominated for Best European Film

Ariel Awards, Mexico
Best Latin-American Film

Luis Buñuel Awards, FIPCA
Best Film

XII Nantes Spanish Film Festival
Jules Verne Award for Best Film
Youth Jury Prize

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Nominated for Best Director - Foreign Film (Fernando León)

European Film Awards
Nominated for Best Actor (Javier Bardem)

Los lunes al sol
Fernando Len de Aranoa
Elas Querejeta, Jaume Roures-MEDIAPRO
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