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La vida secreta de las palabras

An far-away place in the middle of the sea: An oil rig, where only men work, an accident has taken place. A solitary and mysterious woman (Sarah Polley) who is trying to forget her past is taken to the rig to look after a man (Tim Robbins) who has been temporarily blinded. A strange intimacy grows between them, a link full of secrets, truths, lies, humour and pain which neither will survive unharmed and which will change their lives for good. A film about the weight of the past. About the sudden silence which comes before a storm. About 25 million waves, a Spanish chef (Javier Cámara) and a goose. And above all, about the power of love even in the most difficult circumstances.



Director Isabel Coixet
Script Isabel Coixet
Executive producer Agustin Almodovar, Jaume Roure
Produced by Esther Garcia
Associate producer Javier Mendez, Miss wasabi
Director of photography Jean Claude Larrieu
Editing Irene Blecua
Artistic Director Pierre-François Limbosch
Live sound Aitor Berenguer
Sound Mixer Fabiola Ordoyo
Mixing Patrick Ghislain
Make-up Ana Lopez-Puigcerver
Hair styling Ainhoa Eskisabel
Wardrobe Tatiana Hernandez
Casting director Shaheen Baig



Hanna Saray Polley
Josef Tim Robbins
Simon Javier Camara
Dimitri Sverre Anker Ousdal
Victor Steven MacKintosh
Inge Julie Christie
Martin Daniel Mays
Liam Dean Lennox Kelly
Scott Danny Cunningham
Dir. de la fábrica Reg Wilson
Esposa del amigo Joseff Leonor Waltling




Preselected for the European Academy Awards

Venice International Film Festival
Lina Mangiacapre Award

Selected for Sundance Film Festival

Goya Awards 2006
Best Film
Best Direction (Isabel Coixet)
Best Script (Isabel Coixet)
Best Production Supervision (Esther García)
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Javier Cámara)

Sant Jordi Award

Fotogramas de Plata
Best Film

Cinema Writers Circle Awards, CEC
Best Film
Best Direction (Isabel Coixet)
Best Screenplay - Original (Isabel Coixet)
Best Cinematography

City of Barcelona Awards 2005
Isabel Coixet was awarded for the direction and screenplay of “The Secret Life of Words”

Barcelona Awards by Col•legi de Directors de Cinema de Catalunya
Best Film
Best Direction (Isabel Coixet)
Best Screenplay (Isabel Coixet)

XI José María Forqué Awards, EGEDA
Best Film 2005

Alpha and Omega Awards
Best Film
Best Actress (Sarah Polley)

Butaca Awards:
Best Film

La vida secreta de las palabras
Isabel Coixet
Javier Mendez
Miss Wasabi
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