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La edad de la peseta

After years of separation and yet another failed marriage, Alicia returns to her mother’s house with her son Samuel. Although he’s only 9, Samuel seems more mature than his mother. He’s a serious boy who’s lost the ability to smile. Doña Violeta, the grandmother, hardened by the years of abandonment, gives them a less than warm welcome. The house is old and dark, full of cats and mystery. But the most troubling thing for the boy is his grandmother, who he hardly knows. Although the relationship is tense to begin with, bit by bit Violeta and the boy start becoming friends. The grandmother introduces him to the mysteries of photography. Difficult times lay ahead. The Cuban Revolution is felt more and more in the house via the radio and comments of visitors.



Director Pavel Giroud
Script Arturo Infante
Executive producer Lola Salvador(Esp), Camilo Vives
Director of production Mayra Segura
Director of photography Luis Najmias Jr.
Original music Ulises Hernández
Editing Lester Hamlet
Set/Wardrobe Vivian del Valle



Violeta Mercedes Sampietro
Don Ramón José Ángel Egido
Samuel Iván Alberto Carreira Lamothe
Alicia Susana Tejera Fernández
La niña Claudia Valdés Parra
El televisor Esther Cardoso
Maestro Payo Linares



A production by MEDIAPRO and ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry).

Cartagena Internacional Film and Tv Festival
Best Film (Iberoamerican Official Section)

San Francisco International Film Festival
Best Film (Chris Holter Award for Humor in Film Section)

IX Muestra Internacional de Cine de Santo Domingo
Best Actress (Mercedes Sampietro)

Goya Awards
Nominated Best Hispano-American Film

La edad de la peseta
Pavel Giroud
Lola Salvador(Esp)
Camilo Vives
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